Other Facial Services


Beta Hydroxyy and Alpha Hydroxy acids, plant enzymes and stem-cells resurface damaged layers of tissue, instantly targeting your special needs.  Large pores, acne breakouts, sun damage, expression lines, melasma, and loose skin.  Peels can increase collagen and elastin production for up to 6 months. The reason that Peels are so exciting is because so much can be accomplished with no surgery and very little down time. 

I have an extensive array of Chemical Peels, something for even the most sensitive skin.  Your skin health is my priority so together we will decide what will be most beneficial. Peels are a partnership of homecare and clinic care, we will come up with a plan that works for your lifestyle and skin type.  Peel treatment time is usually around 60 minutes and the cost varies from $100 to $200. For Jessner or TCA peels a home care kit is given prior to peel appointment.

Chemical Peel Client Consultation - $0.00

At least 2 days before a Peel a consultation needs to be done.  This allows us to go over your skin concerns and needs, pick the best peel based on this information, discuss any allergies and perform a patch text to check for any allergies.  Treatment Time: 30

Peel Packages
Peel Packages are available if you are already on home-care and your skin is conditioned, if this is something you are interested in, please feel free to ask me about them!


The benefits of Microdermabrasion are many: it helps control and lessen acne breakouts, removes outer layer of skin (and with that skin goes all the oil and dirt that clogs your skin), and it lessens the visible signs of sun damage (hyperpigmentation), sun spots, fine lines, crow’s feet, feathering around your lips, and age spots.  It also helps with cell turnover rate, which in turn helps with collagen and elastin production.  Those performance serums that you spend a fortune on will penetrate the skin better than they ever had before for the first week or so after a treatment. 

Full Microderm Session - $125

In this session we will cleanse and tone your face, do full microderm on your face, neck, and décolleté, and finish with a cooling mask and moisturizer.  Treatment Time: 60 minutes

Face Only - $75.00

This session will include cleanse and tone, microderm treatment on your face, followed by cooling towels and sunscreen.  Treatment Time: 45 minutes

Hands - $35

This session will include cleansing and microderm on both hands followed by a cooling treatment and sunscreen.  Treatment Time: 30 minutes

5 full Microderm sessions. - $525.00

In this includes 5 full diamond tip microdermabrasion treatments.  I will cleanse and tone your face followed by microderm on your face, neck, and décolleté, followed by a cooling mask and moisturizer.  Save $100.00 with this package.

Microcurrent Facial - $100.00

This is a non-invasive face lift and toning treatment.  There is no pain and beautiful results. The service includes a full custom facial that ins designed for your skincare goals and needs.

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