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Pores and Potholes

How many times have you heard of some amazing potion that makes your pores smaller, or how heat with "open"your pores? Did you know that pores do not open and close? They have no muscles to allow this function. If you have large pores, you will always have large pores! They will continue to get larger if you allow oil and dirt to fill them, it is like that pothole that shows up every year and each time that it rains and it fills up it gets larger and larger. Products that say they make pores disappear are like throwing a quick fix on that pothole, filling it up, usually with some sort of silicone based product. Don't freak out, there is a way to minimize your pores and that is keeping them squeaky clean!! Consistent home care that is appropriate for your skin type and seeing your licensed esthetician on a regular basis for deep cleaning and exfoliation is your secret weapon to dealing with large pores!

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